2017 Geneva Motor Show: overview of the new Quant 48V

The 2017 Geneva Motor Show will be an opportunity for many car manufacturers to unveil their newest product. For this 2017 edition, most of the major brands will be present to lift the veil on their new models. Some of the most anticipated include Ferrari and its 812 Superfast, Audi and its 2017 RS 3 Sportback and many others. Alongside them, there will also be a few small manufacturers. And for this new edition, Nanoflowcell will certainly be among those who will surprise us the most with its new Quant 48V.

A particularly interesting technical sheet

If there are any manufacturers who really want to impress us at this 87th edition of the Geneva Motor Show, Nanoflowcell will be one of them. He has always challenged us with his crazy and seductive concepts. Whether it’s design, power or autonomy, this automotive innovation company always has something to pique our interest. And of course, this will still be the case with the new Quant 48V.

In terms of basic features, everything seems to be the same as what the manufacturer has proposed with its previous concepts (which unfortunately never went into production). We find the same technology of liquid, the autonomy of a thousand kilometers with a full tank, the 4 electric motors with a power of 760 horses, etc. The only difference this time is that a low voltage 48 volt electrical system is integrated. It is surely from this characteristic that it was named Nanoflowcell Quant 48V.

Production and launch dates still unknown

Apparently, the data sheet presented by Nanoflowcell for its Quant 48V is very attractive. We would even dare to say that it will make the great car lovers dream. However, for this new concept, it is not yet known if the Liechtenstein manufacturer will go all the way with the production or if it will, once again, stay there. Especially since, for the moment, no production or launch date has yet been revealed. However, we don’t know yet what surprise Nanoflowcell has in store for us at the Geneva Motor Show, which will be held from March 9 to 19 at Palexpo, Geneva.

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