Tips and tricks for choosing your motorhome

You want to go on a family trip for the next summer vacations? This is a great idea! Indeed, there is no better way to strengthen family ties than to see other horizons together. Moreover, it will also be an opportunity to get away from it all, to relax and enjoy the beautiful days. The best would be to travel in a family vehicle, and why not a camper ? In addition to being spacious and comfortable, this type of vehicle is also well equipped and therefore economical. You simply have to choose it well and in this section we will show you how.

Capucine, profile or integral ?

Before making your choice, you should first know that there are three main models of motorhomes:

  • The Capucines
    This is the most suitable model for families. It has more or less the same characteristics as all other motorhomes. However, it is distinguished by the presence of a high sleeping area. This is located above the driver’s cab. This is what makes it more practical and also more comfortable.

  • The profiles
    If there are only two of you on a trip, this model will be perfect for you. Unlike the model described above, it has a lower height. Nevertheless, this contributes to its better aerodynamic performance. With the profiles, the sleeping area remains at the rear of the vehicle and the cockpit is topped with a cap.

  • The integral
    This model is suitable for both families and couples. As its name suggests, it is perfectly equipped. Luxurious and spacious, the integral is also the most expensive of the three.

When buying your motorhome, you can base your decision on these criteria. Choose the model that best suits your needs and budget.

Choose your motorhome according to your needs

The choice of a motor home must first of all go through the consideration of its needs. Indeed, although the models proposed by the manufacturers are very numerous, it is always necessary to choose the one adapted to its needs. To do this, you must rely on a number of criteria.

Start by asking yourself how you will use your motorhome. If, as mentioned above, you are going to use it for a family trip, ask yourself if you want to use it all year round or just for the vacation season. In the latter case, there is no real need to invest in the purchase of a motorhome. Instead, you can limit yourself to renting. It will be more economical and also more advantageous in terms of comfort and safety.

However, if you are really decided to buy one, you must necessarily consider some essential criteria such as comfort, size, autonomy, motorization and many others. Also, don’t forget to consider parking and make your choice based on where you are likely to go.



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