Electric cars: already 100,000 vehicles registered in France

Electric cars have really caught on in recent years. They are now in the limelight and attract more and more drivers.

As a reminder, electric vehicles are what most governments are promoting today, thanks in part to their ecological and environmentally friendly nature. Aware of this, car manufacturers are investing more and more in the manufacture of electric and hybrid models and making them more and more accessible.

In the particular case of France, the number of motorists who prefer to turn to electric cars is constantly increasing. Currently, the country has more than 100,000 such vehicles registered throughout its territory. This figure has enabled it to overtake Norway and become the leader in zero emission cars in Europe.

Let’s analyze all this in more detail and find out why and how France is where it is today.

A 24% increase in the first quarter of 2017

Norway used to be the leading European country with the highest number of registrations in the electric car segment. A situation that is quite normal judging by the measures taken by the government and investors to encourage its establishment (more favorable tax arrangements, important recharging infrastructure, etc.).

However, France also has its own assets and they are not at all negligible. Of course, we don’t have the same infrastructure as the Norwegians. Nevertheless, the offer is increasingly rich in France and electric cars are becoming more accessible. Some regions are particularly interested in this new technology (Île de France and Auvergne Rhône Alpes) and motorists are well motivated to acquire it. Facts that have allowed France to record a 24% increase in the registration of vehicles in this segment in the first quarter of this year 2017.

350,000 electric cars by 2020

With the current progression of sales and registrations of electric cars in France, we should reach 350,000 units of this type of vehicle by 2020. This is the forecast made by AVERE (National Association for the Development of Electric Mobility). Although it is not yet clear that this will be the case, we can nevertheless remain optimistic about the subject. Moreover, a recent IPSOS survey revealed that 35% of French motorists would be ready to switch to electric cars.



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